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Jimmy’s Story

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Helicopter Crash Disables Worker

Client was injured when the helicopter in which he was riding as a passenger, crashed on takeoff from an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. The crash occurred as a result of fractured tail rotor shaft, which should have been detected during a routine inspection. A review of maintenance records disclosed that the manufacturer of the helicopter knew of the potential for problems with the tail rotor shaft but neglected to see that the problem was corrected.

The client recovered from all his injuries, except for a knee injury that caused permanent problems. Both the Appellate Court and Louisiana Supreme Court affirmed the Jury’s verdict. Through expert testimony and extensive discovery, The Broussard Injury Lawyers Team was able to prove that Jimmy was unable to perform his previous job duties because of the numerous stairs and ladders he had to climb every day. The jury verdict included over $800,000.00 for future lost wages.


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After Jimmy’s numerous and disabling injuries after his helicopter crash, he was no longer able to perform his previous occupation as an offshore worker without being in substantial pain and subjecting himself to additional injury.  The jury verdict that we obtained for Jimmy gave him the financial resources to replace the income he would have had in the future from working.  Further, Jimmy had the financial means to enjoy the rest of his life while having to live within his physical limitations.


“From the first visit, the professional and compassionate way I was greeted continued throughout my association with Steven. I was made to feel comfortable and confident in the decision’s we made. The integrity and overall handling of my case made me feel I could trust this firm in any legal matter.”

– Broussard Injury Lawyers client


Partner – Trial Lawyer

After graduating from law school in 1977, Steve entered solo practice and for eight years handled virtually every type of case imaginable – from murder cases to divorces to wrongful death civil actions. After eight years, Steve ran for and was elected Judge for the Ward 4 Sulphur City Court.

During the 18 years that Steve served as Judge, he continued to maintain heavy caseload in his private practice by working long hours. At that point in his practice, Steve began limiting his cases to those involving personal injury.

In 2002, Steve retired from the Judgeship and now practices law full-time, handling serious injury and death cases. The knowledge and experience that Steve gained through serving as a judge for 18 years is an invaluable asset to him in representing victims in serious injury and death cases. Steve understands firsthand not only the workings of a court from both the attorney’s viewpoint and the judge’s viewpoint, but he knows what it takes to impress a judge with the merits of a particular case.

“This is just a classic example of a big-money defendant refusing to pay what they owe and forcing a case to trial. Because we were prepared and never gave up, our client got what he deserved.”

STEVEN BROUSSARD Lead Trial Attorney