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Hurricane Insurance Lawyers – Hurricane Claim Attorney Lake Charles and New Orleans, LA

Surviving a storm or a hurricane can be an incredibly difficult experience. Sometimes it means you have to rebuild your life completely and start from scratch. Fighting an insurance company that refuses to pay for the damage does not help the situation. But you don’t have to do it all on your own. Hiring an experienced and compassionate hurricane insurance claim lawyer can make all the difference.

Hurricane Insurance Company Refuses to Pay? Don’t Give Up

Hurricane Insurance LawyersAt Broussard Injury Lawyers we regularly talk to families whose properties were damaged or destroyed during a hurricane. Storm damage can really wreak havoc on your daily life. Getting an insurance payout is often the only way for you to move on. But in some cases, things are not that simple.

When an insurance company is hit with many hurricane insurance claims, they try to mitigate the impact of those claims on their business. They deny claims, delay payments without a good reason, and pay less than what the clients are owed. Statistically, they are more likely to do this to clients who are not represented by a hurricane insurance lawyer. Those clients often don’t know the full extent of their rights and can’t fight back.

In our experience, once you hire a hurricane claim attorney things suddenly start moving forward. The insurance company starts replying to emails and phone calls. They are more inclined to discuss your claim with you because they want to avoid a costly trial. If they acted in bad faith by refusing your claim or delaying a payout, they are likely to pay what they owe you. It’s simply cheaper for them than a trip to court.

Hiring Broussard Injury Lawyers As Your Hurricane Insurance Lawyers

Let’s face it: it might be scary to hire an attorney for your hurricane claim. Insurance lawyers have a terrible reputation. People sometimes call us greedy, selfish, and concerned only with our own interests. They are afraid that their lawyers will ask for too much money or that they will take on a case without the prospect of winning it. At Broussard Injury Lawyers we try to change that image – one client at a time.

As lawyers, we have over 30 years of experience handling a variety of lawsuits. When it comes to protecting the interests of our clients, we are thorough, aggressive, and relentless. We will offer you a free case evaluation and only take on your case if we see real potential to win you more money. But that’s not what makes us so special.

When the time comes, we can suit up and fight hard for you in and outside of court. As trial attorneys, we have the experience and the resources to do it. But – most importantly – we are also real people who understand real-life problems. We treat our clients the same way that we would treat a family member – with the compassion, respect, and understanding they deserve. That’s why they feel they can trust us.

What Hurricane Damage Can I Recover From My Insurance Policy?

louisiana hurricane damage claims attorneysHeavy rainfall, tornadoes, rip currents and strong winds can cause significant damage to your property during a hurricane. We have seen this firsthand with Hurricane Ida and other hurricanes and tropical storms which hit Louisiana in recent years.

Flooding, broken windows and doors, roof damage, structural damage to buildings, and destruction of cars and personal property can all happen when you are hit by a storm. If you are running a business, you have also likely lost some money due to service interruption, loss of inventory, and utility service cuts. All of those could potentially be recovered under your insurance policy.

The tricky thing is that most insurance companies don’t offer hurricane-specific insurance. Damage caused by hurricanes is often covered by the parts of an insurance policy that protect you against windstorms and flooding. To see if you are eligible for a payout, you will have to understand whether the damage you suffered falls under either of those parts.

On top of that, an insurance policy will typically have various exclusions and limitations. It is important to read the exact terms and conditions of your policy document to understand how much you are entitled to and how to make a claim. But you don’t have to do all that on your own. We will find it out for you and let you know if you have a good chance of getting a payout.

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“When you hire Broussard Injury Lawyers law firm you are not treated like you are just a client, they treat you like a friend. They truly want to help you get the best result from an unfortunate situation. No one wants to be in a position to have to hire a lawyer, but if you ever need one, you can be confident that when you hire Broussard Injury Lawyers, you are hiring the best.”Tristian Kitts
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MYLES RANIER - Hurricane Insurance Claims Specialist


Partner, Trial Attorney | Hurricane Insurance Claims

Myles believes in serving his community and has dedicated his life to making Louisiana safer. As a state and federal prosecutor for over 15 years, Myles worked tirelessly to prosecute killers, rapists, child abusers, frauds, and corrupt public officials. He learned early on that success comes from a mix of hard work and passion for the victims in his cases.

While working on behalf of the community, he developed sharp courtroom and litigation skills honed by trying over 90 jury trials and handling hundreds of court hearings. Myles now uses these skills on behalf of those who need them most: his clients who have been wronged by the indifference and carelessness of others.



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We said it once and we will say it again. Hiring an experienced hurricane insurance claim attorney can drastically increase your chances of getting a payout. Sure, you could try to fight the insurance giants on your own. But if you are looking for the fastest way to move on and forget about what happened, then hiring a hurricane claim lawyer is the way to go.

As hurricane insurance attorneys we will start by evaluating your claim to see if you have a valid case and how much money you could get. We will then gather and analyze the evidence needed for your claim, such as photos and videos of property damage, repair estimates, etc. After filing your claim, we will communicate with your insurer and fight against any denied claims – so that you don’t have to.

The best time to contact a trial attorney is soon after the storm passes. That way we can help you to avoid a few common mistakes and traps when claiming your insurance. But we can also step in at any time when you start having trouble getting paid.

First and foremost – we want you to stay safe. When you return to your home or place of business check it for any hazards, such as cut power lines, debris, or flood water. Then, take photos and create an inventory of damaged property. You will also find the payment receipts for any damaged items. If you are in touch with the insurance company, make sure to keep detailed records of any phone calls, face-to-face meetings or e-mails exchanged with them.

Many hurricane insurance claims are settled soon after you hire an attorney. An insurance company will realize that the client saw through their actions and they will agree to pay what is due. But in some cases, you might have to take the insurance company to court. If that happens, you will want a skilled trial attorney with real court experience at your side.