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trial lawyersWhen you hire a trial lawyer, you usually get better and faster settlements. Insurance companies and insurance defense lawyers know who’s ready to go to court and who’s not. If you want a fast and fair settlement, the other side has to know that your lawyer is ready, willing, and able to go to trial.

Even though most cases don’t go to court, the trial lawyers at Broussard Injury Lawyers are getting ready for trial from day one. Unlike most firms, even when we are not in trial, we’re living and breathing it. We hold mock trials, teach seminars, publish articles about trials, and are doing everything we can on a daily basis to make ourselves better trial lawyers.

So if you or your loved one is suffering from a personal injury in Louisiana, choose a team of lawyers that will welcome a day in court—like our team at Broussard Injury Lawyers. We never give up and do everything it takes to move our cases forward.

We’re Prepared to Fight for What You Deserve

motor vehicle crash trial lawyersMost personal injury law firms will encourage you to settle your case because they don’t have the right experience or resources to take on corporate and insurance giants. Settlements often involve a lower risk, take less time, and require fewer resources than going to trial.

For that reason, the majority of personal injury firms are designed for settlement–even if they don’t say it openly. But real trial lawyers–like Broussard Injury Lawyers–will never ask you to accept less than what you deserve.

We go the extra mile to get to know our clients, understand them and work hard to fight their cases. That doesn’t always mean going to trial. But if there is an opportunity to get you a better payout, we will put in the hard work, hire the right expert witnesses, and use all the resources at our disposal to make sure you get what’s rightfully yours.

Hiring Broussard Injury Lawyers as Your Trial Attorneys

trial attorneyAt Broussard Injury Lawyers, we know that personal injury firms don’t have the best reputations. The big law firms you see advertising on TV don’t always work in your best interest. In the legal world, they are sometimes referred to as “settlement mills.”

They are the mirror image of a large insurance company: they’re usually housed in a large, corporate building; if you walked through their offices, you’d see 40 lawyers sitting in cubicles before a large stack of case files; they spend their time on the phone calling the claims adjuster they’ve worked with 100 times before, and settle y our case for 50% of what it’s worth.

Some of these firms settle cases quickly with very little prep work involved. You’ll never meet the attorney face-to-face, work on strategy, or have your day in court. At Broussard Injury Lawyers we are constantly trying to change that image–one client at a time.

We have over 30 years of experience handling a variety of personal injury lawsuits, including those involving car accidents, offshore accidents, medical malpractice trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, and many more. In the past, we have recovered over $100 million in compensation for personal injury victims. But that’s not what makes us so special.

We don’t play games and we are always transparent about our actions. We treat our clients the same way that we would treat a family member–with the compassion and respect they deserve. We also put an enormous effort into keeping our clients updated about every step of the trial process so that they are never in the dark about where their case stands.

Is Your Case Strong Enough to Go to Trial?

We often tell our clients that they have a pretty strong lawsuit if their case is like a 3-legged stool. What we’re looking for are liability, damages, and solvency. Let’s break this down.


Any experienced injury trial lawyer knows that liability is the key to a strong lawsuit. This means that it must be clear from your case that the person you are suing caused the injury you suffered. But things are not always as straightforward. Many trial firms are afraid to take on cases where connecting the dots requires a bit more creativity. At Broussard Injury Lawyers we excel at those types of cases because we understand that liability often becomes clear once we listen carefully to the client’s full story.


In addition to liability, a strong personal injury case will also have damages. There are several types of damages that a court can award you. These include loss of earnings, medical expenses, damage to property, wrongful death as well as pain and suffering. For you to be entitled to any of those damages you must have suffered a loss that is recognized by the law. The judge will only award you damages if the loss is genuine and can be proved.


If the company being pursued does not have the resources to cover any judgment from a personal injury claim, pursuing it may be futile. Solvency means that there must be someone who can pay you for the injuries you suffered. In most cases, what we are looking for is a high-value insurance policy taken by the person or the company who caused your injury. But you don’t have to know this information before approaching us. We will find it for you, and explain your chances of receiving a decent recovery.

Talk to one of our trial attorneys today

At Broussard Injury Lawyers we fight for personal injury victims throughout Louisiana, including Lake Charles, Lafayette, Alexandria, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Shreveport. If you live in any of those areas and you think you might need a trial attorney, please call us at (337) 439-2450 or email our office at You can also visit our offices in Lake Charles and New Orleans.









“When you hire Broussard Injury Lawyers law firm you are not treated like you are just a client, they treat you like a friend. They truly want to help you get the best result from an unfortunate situation. No one wants to be in a position to have to hire a lawyer, but if you ever need one, you can be confident that when you hire Broussard Injury Lawyers, you are hiring the best.”Tristian Kitts
Broussard Injury Lawyers client
ARON BROUSSARD - top-rated trial attorney


Partner, Trial Lawyer | Trial Attorney

Aaron Broussard is a top-rated trial attorney practicing in the Lake Charles, Louisiana area. Providing legal representation in Louisiana for a variety of different issues, Aaron is highly regarded for his career inside of the courtroom.

A big part of being a good lawyer for people is maintaining focus on representing your client’s interests. Aaron believes that loyalty to the client comes before everything, including your own pocketbook and especially your own ego. Their interests come first, and that’s why he sees every case through to the end, exhausting every path available.



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Trial attorneys are lawyers who are trained to practice law in court trials. They are sometimes referred to as litigators, even though trial attorneys aim to go to trial while litigation attorneys usually try to reach a settlement. As a trial firm, our job is to represent you in court and help you get the highest possible payout to help make your life easier after the injuries you suffered.

Trial lawyers are a one-stop shop for personal injury lawsuits. If your case ends up in court we will guide you through the process of trial preparation, file any pre-trial motions, gather evidence on your behalf, interview potential witnesses, and present your case in court. We will be there for you every step of the way, constantly looking out for your best interests.

In Louisiana, you do not need an attorney to represent you in a personal injury lawsuit. But your chances of getting any type of pay-out for your injury increase drastically if you have the right team of trial lawyers on your side. If you want to know more about the benefits of hiring a trial firm, get in touch with us now.

All lawyers can guide you on how to accept a settlement in your personal injury case. But if the settlement you are being offered is not high enough, you will have to go to trial. Your chances of winning will increase significantly if you hire a trial lawyer who is specially trained in representing clients in front of a judge.

The most important thing about choosing the right personal injury lawyers is a proven track record of winning personal injury lawsuits in court. When you are going against big insurance companies or large corporations you want to be represented by someone who knows what they are doing. You also need someone who is not afraid to go to trial.