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Broussard Injury Lawyers

The history of Broussard Injury Lawyers goes back nearly 50 years. From its humble beginnings with Steven Broussard as its only lawyer, our firm has grown into a bustling legal office with five lawyers and over 20 staff members.

How did the firm start?

Once upon a time in the small town of Sulphur, Louisiana, Steven Broussard established this firm by himself before partnering with his childhood friend Randy Hart to create Broussard & Hart.

In 2005, Steven’s son Aaron graduated law school and joined the firm, turning the dynamic duo into a terrific trio. Randy Hart’s retirement led to the name you see today: Broussard Injury Lawyers.

How has the firm changed over the years?

In the firm’s early days, every lawyer in the firm handled any type of personal injury case that walked in the door. We did not focus on any one area. But one advantage of our expansion is that our attorneys can specialize in certain areas of law. We sought out lawyers experienced in a number of practice areas that fit our desire to fight for those wronged by unsafe working conditions and unfair policies advanced by insurance companies. Now we’re a strong and knowledgeable team of eight trial lawyers, all specializing in different types of cases.

Our expansion inspired us to fine-tune our processes and promote a shared culture based on the firm’s core values. Over the years we have also become more focused on trial work.

What are the firm’s current practice areas?

At Broussard Injury Lawyers, we focus on a few types of cases:

  • Trucking & Commercial Vehicles
  • Maritime Injuries
  • Railroad Injuries
  • Brain/spine Injuries & Amputations
  • Explosions & Burns
  • Electrocution (fatalities) and Electrical Contact (injuries)

Who represents the firm’s clients?

Our lawyers are prime examples of how legal expertise and compassion come together to not only win cases but our clients’ hearts. You can learn more about each of us here.

What do clients say about the firm?

Many of our clients appreciate the time and care we give to their cases—they also mention how we’ve changed their view of lawyers for the better. You can read about their impressions here.


We’re not right for everybody. We don’t believe in ‘quick checks’ or cheap settlements. We do believe in hard work and full justice.

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