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Clients Are At The Center Of Our Values

Much like our winning process, our core values have been an essential part of our firm for nearly 30 years. These values have not only helped us ensure clients receive justice in an ethical manner, but also ensure our firm is one that people can proudly refer to friends and family decade after decade.


Accountability is the cornerstone of trust, and trust is something we seek in all of our client relationships. Our team—from paralegals to attorneys—remains accountable by committing to and following through with every task assigned to them. Because when things fall through the cracks, it negatively impacts you. We send the letters, file the paperwork, and push the case forward to avoid delays.

“Aaron Broussard and his team were incredibly professional and took me step by step through each process. The team is incredibly fair, honest, and gets the job done 100%. I am completely satisfied with my experience and settlement after a not-at-fault accident. I will definitely refer any of my friends and family to them, should they ever need legal help. I hope I never have to go through another car accident, but I am glad that [the team] took care of me after the fact.”

– Katie Pleasant


Good communication is the difference maker in almost every profession. It provides clarity and a sense of calm for everyone involved. With serious injury cases, you’re already in a stressful situation. Not knowing where your case stands only heightens your anxiety, so we go the extra mile to keep you informed and confident about how your case is progressing. We use every available means to stay in touch with our clients: emails, texts, and even good old-fashioned phone calls.

There are two parts to good communication in the legal world: (1) keeping clients informed of case developments and (2) returning calls. We practice both—it’s that simple.

“I recommend anyone in need of legal help to contact the attorneys at Broussard Injury Lawyers. When tragedy struck my life, I brought my case to Aaron and it was the best decision I made. He and Mrs. Linda welcomed me with open arms. They helped me through the absolute roughest time in my life. They worked on my case day and night with due diligence, also keeping me informed every step of the way! They’re not just attorneys to me, they’re family! I’m so grateful to have had them help me, and I’ll always appreciate them for all that they did!”

– Tiffany


People often hear about legal cases dragging on for years and years. In most situations, cases are delayed because the attorney handling the case is overloaded. But we know how important speed is to getting good results, so we limit the number of cases we handle.

Insurance adjusters and their defense attorneys typically have a huge number of files and little time to devote to each one, so they hate going up against a law firm that moves quickly. In fact, the quicker a case moves toward a trial, the more money the defense is likely to offer in a settlement to get it off of their plate.

We take speed seriously, and we support this value by employing more staff than most law offices. Not only do we take on fewer cases, but we also have multiple paralegals assigned to each attorney and engage with specialized third-party resources when needed.

“I had a civil case that was extremely difficult to deal with. I called Aaron for advice and we ended up speaking more about the issue at hand, and he decided to help me out and take my case on. The case lasted for 4 years. But the entire time, Aaron and his staff at Broussard Injury Lawyers made me feel like family. They made sure I knew that, even though this was a tough time for me, they would be there every step of the way until it was over.”

“When it came down to the final days, the final hours, Aaron and my new family of Broussard Injury Lawyers were there for me and made sure that I was able to get everything that was owed to me.”

– Josh Dore


Growth and improvement are two important concepts here at Broussard Injury Lawyers. We strive to get 1% better every day—both as an organization and as individuals. This may not sound like much, but it adds up quickly.

As an organization, we are constantly looking for ways to be faster and more efficient. Then we take appropriate action to achieve those goals, whether it’s something as simple as updating a fundamental template or as substantial as hiring a new employee.

On a personal level, we encourage every member of our team to believe in their own potential, establish better habits, learn new things, read books, seek out training for new skills, and avoid making the same mistake twice. This ensures we’re always at our best when taking on client cases.

“When my husband was in need of an attorney I was apprehensive because I had always heard horrible things about them. From the moment we walked into Broussard Injury Lawyers we felt very comfortable; the staff was very welcoming and professional. We are always in the loop and know exactly what’s going on. We have never felt like just another client. Their team went above and beyond our expectations. I would highly recommend Broussard Injury Lawyers to anyone who needs an attorney.”

– Melissa Hayes


To join our team, you must remove a limiting phrase from your vocabulary: “That’s not my job.” Everyone’s job at Broussard Injury Lawyers is to be helpful to both clients and one another—because helping each other ultimately helps you, our client, as well.

Because of the bad reputation lawyers have in our world, our clients are often surprised at how responsive and eager to please we are from day one. They typically think lawyers never talk to them—just the receptionist. But everyone here is deeply committed to helping others, whether it’s lending aid to another lawyer on a case or walking a client through court preparation multiple times. We do it all with a smile.

“Broussard Injury Lawyers was such an amazing experience for us, being new in town and not knowing where to start. We stumbled upon them and they were incredibly kind and transparent throughout the entire process. Step-by-step they explained everything to us and were able to help us more than we expected! 5 stars, definitely would recommend Broussard Injury Lawyers to anyone needing a personal injury lawyer!”

– Mali Garrett-Mills


We’re not right for everybody. We don’t believe in ‘quick checks’ or cheap settlements. We do believe in hard work and full justice.

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