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Our Approach To Winning Cases

Broussard Injury Lawyers’s roots go back nearly 50 years to when Steven Broussard started this firm. Over the past few decades, he and the rest of our team have continually refined our approach to not only preparing and arguing cases, but also selecting them. Here’s what working with us looks like.

“[Broussard Injury Lawyers] worked with us on a personal injury case for my Dad. I have nothing but good things to say about our experience. They treated us like family and made us very comfortable during a stressful time. Plus they are the best at what they do. I highly recommend them.”

– Jack Blanchard

Step 1: Evaluate Your Case

We wish we could take every case that comes our way, but we’ve seen what happens when law firms are swamped: Each case – each person’s critical situation – gets less attention. So we perform a careful evaluation of each potential case to ensure our firm is the best fit. That way we can go all-in on the cases we do take. It’s part of what makes our firm different.

Admittedly, we live for a challenge. So we often take on complex cases that have been passed on by other law firms. These cases may be tough, but that just means winning the case will be that much more rewarding for both the client and our team.

Step 2: Perform A Pre-suit Investigation

As soon as we take on your case, our team gets to work gathering and reviewing all available evidence. Even if evidence is not readily available, we keep digging to ensure we have what we need to solidify your case and put pressure on the defense.

This is where many law offices drop the ball. They neglect to chase down evidence while it’s fresh and miss out on crucial details – typically because they already have too many cases.

Step 3: Litigate Aggressively

Next, we file suit and start the discovery process. Things move quickly in this stage because our firm believes a speedy trial process is the best way to keep the defense on their toes. The last thing you want is a legal team that takes it slow, as the defense will run them over or run out the clock. Either way, clients lose.

Our goal is to get your case ready for the courtroom. A trial-ready case is the best tool for receiving a favorable settlement from the defense.

Step 4: Settle Or Go To Trial

Contrary to what you might believe, less than 10% of cases go to trial. In fact, many lawyers avoid it as much as possible because of the work involved and the specific skill set that’s needed to win cases in the courtroom.

Our aggressive litigation strategy often results in the defense presenting a settlement that clients are happy to take. But in the event we do go to trial, our team will fully prepare you to enter the courtroom with confidence. We’ll share the truth of your story with the jury, lay out the facts in plain language, and keep pushing towards a win.

“From day one the entire office was patient and helpful. I felt no stress because they took care of everything. If you’re looking for compassionate and calm representation, please consider Broussard Injury Lawyers.”

– Mike Moore


We’re not right for everybody. We don’t believe in ‘quick checks’ or cheap settlements. We do believe in hard work and full justice.

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