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Robert’s Story

Robert’s Story

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Robert was backed over by an 18-wheeler while working in another state. His body was crushed from the waist down. He will never walk right again. Unable to work or care for himself, Robert needed help if he was going have any quality of life.

Unfortunately for Robert, the first three attorneys who looked at his case turned him down. They were mistaken about the law and thought the case was only covered by workers compensation.


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We met Robert at his house and agreed to take his case. The first thing we did was dive deep into legal research and discovered that the driver of the 18-wheeler was not covered by workers compensation immunity like everyone thought.

We brought in another great attorney from the state where Robert was hurt. The team of attorneys worked together for 2 years in hard fought litigation and recovered 4 million dollars for Robert. Now, Robert lives a good life in a lake house with modifications to make it easier for him to get around.


“Aggressive, thorough personal injury attorneys that fight for you. If you’ve been injured in a car or truck accident call Broussard and Hart. Visit their location and just look at the settlements they have gotten for clients.”

– Broussard Injury Lawyers client


Partner – Trial Lawyer

Aaron graduated from Sulphur High School in 1998 and graduated from McNeese four years later. He attended Tulane Law School in New Orleans and began practicing law at the age of 25.

In law school, Aaron was a lead member of Tulane’s National Moot Court Trial Team. He was also selected for Tulane’s Law Clinic which allows senior students to represent real clients while still in school. Aaron dedicated his law clinic experience to assisting victims of domestic violence in New Orleans. He also graduated with a Certificate of Specialization in Maritime Law.

Aaron is currently a member of the American Bar Association, the American Association for Justice, the Louisiana Association for Justice, and the Louisiana Bar Association.  Aaron gets to know clients on a personal level and never gives up. His clients very rarely call to see how their case is going because they already know. Aaron keeps his clients informed and up to date. Aaron is very selective about what cases he handles. Being selective allows Aaron to dedicate more time to each client and get better results in a shorter time. Aaron strives to provide great representation to good people.

“More times than I can remember, we have taken cases other lawyers have turned down and made big winners out of them. The reason is pretty simple. My father Steve Broussard taught me to never give up on a case, no matter what, and the entire firm practices that way.”