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Tonia’s Story

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18-Wheeler Crashes into Stalled Vehicle

This case arises out of a multi-vehicle crash, which occurred on I-10. The client and her children filed suit against the defendant, who operated a waste management business. A heavy trash truck hit the client’s vehicle. The client was found over one hundred feet from her vehicle, after having been apparently dragged that distance by the defendant’s truck.

The client suffered injuries including: a fractured collar bone, a gash to the back of her head, burns/abrasions on her arms, legs, and stomach, a shattered kidney, fractured pelvis, a broken right foot, and loss of bone in her lower right leg from abrasion. Client underwent numerous surgeries, including removal of her damaged kidney and multiple skin grafts. The client was left with many disfiguring scars.

 At trial, client and defendant presented starkly different views on how the accident occurred. In fact, defendant contended that it never struck the plaintiff’s vehicle, or her body. Multiple experts on both sides were presented, including three different accident reconstruction experts, two biomechanical experts, two physics professors, and multiple computer simulations of the crash.

The court completely rejected the defendant’s version of the accident and found the waste management truck 100% at fault.


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Tonia suffered terrible injuries, including the loss of one of her kidneys.  Her ability to enjoy life and work were greatly diminished.  The recovery we made for Tonia gave her financial security without concern over lack of employment, provided protection from future medical expenses related to her kidney loss and allowed her to enjoy the quality of life she deserved.


“Aggressive, thorough personal injury attorneys that fight for you. If you’ve been injured in a car or truck accident call Broussard Injury Lawyers. Visit their location and just look at the settlements they have gotten for clients.”

– Broussard Injury Lawyers client


Partner – Trial Lawyer

After graduating from law school in 1977, Steve entered solo practice and for eight years handled virtually every type of case imaginable – from murder cases to divorces to wrongful death civil actions. After eight years, Steve ran for and was elected Judge for the Ward 4 Sulphur City Court.  

During the 18 years that Steve served as Judge, he continued to maintain heavy caseload in his private practice by working long hours. At that point in his practice, Steve began limiting his cases to those involving personal injury.

In 2002, Steve retired from the Judgeship and now practices law full-time, handling serious injury and death cases. The knowledge and experience that Steve gained through serving as a judge for 18 years is an invaluable asset to him in representing victims in serious injury and death cases. Steve understands firsthand not only the workings of a court from both the attorney’s viewpoint and the judge’s viewpoint, but he knows what it takes to impress a judge with the merits of a particular case.

“Sometimes people will misrepresent the facts to avoid paying what they owe. Insurance companies know most lawyers are not mentally prepared for trial or do not have the skills to prove a case in the courtroom. That’s why it is so important to choose a lawyer who has proven they can win in court. Sometimes a trial is the only choice you have.”

STEVE BROUSSARD Tonia’s Lead Attorney